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The Spiral

Overthinking, overanalyzing, severing the body from the mind

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"I'm standing next to a Mountain
I'll chop it down with the edge of my hand. I'll pick up the pieces, make an island.

Lord knows, I'm a Voodoo Chile"

-Jimi Hendrix

As kind as I try to be to all people, there are those who fall short; Stupid people, people who refuse to use proper grammar or punctuation, and people who refuse their god-given logic.
That being said, I DO try to be a kind person.
My kindness fails when looked down upon by others who think they are above me because they believe in something different. As I'm sure you've guessed, I'm a very stubborn Agnostic, and WILL go down defending my beliefs. Don't get me wrong, though: I will befriend ANYONE, regardless of religion, creed, race, looks, or whathaveyou, so long as they respect my belief.
I do not believe in the Church, but I do believe in high levels of personal chivalry and decency. I do not believe that cursing is against God, but I believe that it is impolite and indecent to curse in the presence of women. I do not believe that prayer will attain me Heaven, but I believe that honest, simple want and effort for a good life will attain me Peace.

Having gotten the metaphysical points out of the way; Physically, I'm a full time college student, part-time server/expo/cashier at Noodles & Company, and I live at home(I love my parents, get used to it. Anyone who doesn't is ungrateful and selfish!). I'm single...again...Big surprise...

For hobbies, I'm a musician (3 years on drum kit, including limited training at Berklee College of Music in Boston, with decent experience in electric and spanish guitar, and electric bass). That means: I have VERY high standards for the music I listen to. Not so much the style that's questionable, but the talent involved. I listen to anything from variations of metal, to jazz, Latin jazz, jazz fusion, and etc (For the record, Tool is the best rock band that has ever existed, second ONLY to Jimi Hendrix; May he forever rest in Paradise). Also, I have a keen interest in ameteur Whip Cracking, and non competitive bodybuilding.

I don't find it cool to get piss-drunk or stoned; It doesn't help you in life, and I have no particular interest in it. Same with emo kids: You have a good life, get the fuck over it.

I'm quite open to meeting new people, so please feel free to drop me a line.